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Durham Virtual Care Clinic

Durham East Patients And Toronto West

Patients from and around Durham and Toronto West region can be seen for in-person visits at Glendale Urgent Care in Central Pickering.  The medical team at Glendale involves an excellent pharmacy team, Nurse practitioner and local, experienced family physicians. The clinic is well known to the Durham West community. In the same complex is also Durham Mental Health Services, specialists, lab and diagnostic services.

It offers a unique value proposition by complementing its tele-medicine services with the opportunity for a patient-physician in-person visits at Central Pickering Urgent Care (CPUC) previously known as Glendale Walk-In and Family Practice.

Our medical team is comprised of experienced local family physicians and nurse practitioners and been supporting the Pickering community,and Durham at large, for the last ten years. 

We strive to maintain a uniquely comprehensive approach to urgent care.  Continuity of care for our patients is our vision, regardless whether you seek our care once or regularly, we will ensure there is follow up. 

We collaborate with all community health agencies both private and public to stay up to date in all our daily clinical practices.  

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