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How Important are Telehealth & Virtual Care?

Virtual Care

Telehealth was already growing in popularity. However, when the pandemic hit, it played an even bigger role in providing healthcare services in Pickering, ON. Now, the world is slowly adapting to this being the new normal. Is telemedicine service here to stay?

Telehealth and Virtual Care

For over a year, people have been forced to stay at home to keep safe during the pandemic. Healthcare providers had to pivot. Medical care, when possible, became even more available through virtual appointments.

It was a wonderful solution to ensure people had access to medical care while staying safe at home. With a mobile phone and a stable internet connection, people could see an online doctor and receive the non-emergent care that they needed.

At this time, people are feeling safer and starting to do more in-person doctor’s visits. How important are telehealth and virtual healthcare today?

Telemedicine services continue to benefit a large number of people

There are a lot of patients who not only prefer but benefit greatly from virtual consultations. These people include:

  • Immunocompromised patients who are put at risk when visiting clinics or hospitals.
  • People with mobility issues.
  • Patients in rural or remote areas seeking medical advice.

Virtual appointments for chronic health conditions and medication management

According to research, chronic diseases are usually not controlled. Only 50% of patients with chronic health conditions take their medicine religiously.

The ease and accessibility of telehealth make it easier to manage chronic diseases and medication. The frequent virtual visits are great for reinforcement and increasing health literacy. This makes it easier to build consistent habits that protect patient health.

Virtual care provides access to a variety of counseling services

Another significant benefit of telehealth is convenient access to various counseling services. The ease of virtual consultations makes individuals eager to get the support that they need.

Telehealth gets rid of the anxiety of having to go to in-person visits for consultation and counseling. Here at iCare Virtual, we offer mental health and sexual health services. Consult with our specialists virtually about your various needs.

Get high-quality medical services at your convenience.

One of the biggest pulls of telemedicine is convenience. Overall, it lets patients save time, money, and effort when getting medical care. This makes more people willing and able to seek healthcare support.

Telehealth gets rid of any child care or eldercare concerns. Since it’s done virtually, you can see an online doctor even with a child or parent to attend to.

Virtual visits lessen the need to get time off of work, as well as relieve the pressure of having to rush to your doctor’s appointment. Prior to your appointment, ensure you’re by a computer with a working internet connection and you’re good to go.

High-Quality Telehealth Services in Pickering, ON

Pandemic or not, telemedicine is here to stay. It is a viable healthcare option, opening up a lot of possibilities for the healthcare industry.

If you are looking for a reliable online healthcare provider, iCare Virtual is your best choice. We are one of the leading virtual healthcare providers in Pickering, Durham, Toronto West, and other areas.

Learn more about our telemedicine services by giving us a call today!

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