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Mental Health Services

Stress at work, in the personal life, medical worries, social isolation, and so many other things can affect mental health and affect your ability to stay mentally healthy and fit. We don’t just help people recover from mental health conditions; we help them discover a happier life.

Our virtual psychiatrists in Durham provide continuity of care no matter where you are.

At iCare Virtual, people find a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment where they can discuss their problems and mental health concerns freely. We work with patients of all ages, in all life circumstances. Our process is aimed at helping patients understand their mental health and empowering them to lead productive, happier lives.

Receive care from experienced physicians. We work closely with Durham Mental Health Services to help our patients with local resources and supportive counselling services.  Referrals to our psychiatry colleagues at Lakeridge Health, Durham Shores, Scarborough Health Network are common and efficient.

Diagnosing Mental Illness

Many of our patients are living with some form of mental health diagnosis.

In fact, most Canadians will experience periods of negative mental health at some time during their lifetime. The greatest harm is when the condition is not given the attention and treatment it deserves. Experiencing poor mental health, mood disorders, anxiety, or anger, are all signs of poor mental health.

Our medical team is comfortable diagnosing and treating conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Grieving
  • Post-Partum depression
  • Anger management

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health concerns, schedule an appointment with an online psychiatrist today. One of the biggest benefits of our virtual visits is that people are far more comfortable speaking to us from their own homes.

Mental Health Treatment

A mental health professional will begin by asking you questions about your mental well-being. The questions are intended to help diagnose your condition and find the right treatment option. We assess social determinants such as your:

  • Early life
  • Educational history
  • Employment
  • Professional and personal circumstances
  • Body image issues
  • Points of satisfaction
  • Housing conditions

On the basis of the diagnosis, we recommend virtual care, in-clinic appointments, or can refer you to psychiatrists in the appropriate health network. iCare Virtual provides comprehensive mental health care, including consultations, case management, referrals, and at-home support. Our goal throughout is your well-being.

Mental Health Online Doctor

Online Psychiatrists in Durham

People are most comfortable first discussing mental health concerns with family doctors – and we make talking to your doctor as easy as it can be. Whether you are located in the city or in a rural area, you can speak to your doctor without delay. OHIP, private insurance, and direct billing available.

Making mental health care more accessible, more approachable.

iCare Virtual combines a virtual care clinic and in-person physician visits at local clinics and health centres for accessible, affordable healthcare. For elderly patients, we create a personalized, on-site visitation model: Visiting Physicians with an iCare Virtual Med Cart. We conduct biweekly virtual visits with many of our patients just as maintenance or touch base follow-ups to ensure the safety and compliance of our treatment plans.

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*If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or cannot wait for an appointment, visit the emergency department at the hospital nearest you.

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