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Sexual Health Clinic in Pickering, ON
Sexual Health Care

Sexual Health Clinic Pickering

For years, our team at iCare Virtual has been taking care of the sexual health needs of all patients, young and old. Today, we are moving towards a joint model of family medicine and sexual health clinics online and in-person. Our goal is to make it easier for our Pickering team to see to the specific sexual health needs of our patients.

Our Sexual Health Clinic Pickering Services

At our Pickering walk-in clinic, we provide confidential and safe sexual health services regardless of age, sex, race, and sexual orientation.

Every patient can expect effective and appropriate care and advice from our experts. Our aim is to provide services that benefit your sexual health through the help of our licensed doctors and nurse practitioners. We provide services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sexual Health Support in Durham

Sexual health support is an important part of your health journey. Our goal is to ensure patients have available resources and information to help them with their unique needs.

iCare Virtual provides general sexual health guidance, counselling, and support for our patients. For example, a young female patient can come in for a counselling session on contraception information and advice. This consultation can be done over the phone, followed by a brief in-person physical exam for a pap.

Pickering STI Services

iCare Virtual aims to provide convenient and accessible STI services in Pickering. Our team of experts also actively diagnose and treat Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs. We provide screening for HIV, chlamydia, and more.

Our testing and treatment can be done in our sexual health clinic in Pickering ON or online. We also have experts who provide advice on STIs and the proper ways to protect yourself.

If not addressed and followed up promptly, this can cause negative emotional and physical effects on a patient.

Our new model of care will ensure follow-ups are done quickly and conveniently for patients.

Privacy and Consent:

We are committed to staying sensitive to our patients’ needs. Consent is always taken from our Durham patients prior to any testing or procedures.

Your comfort is our priority. As such, our team will guide you through the screening process. Before starting, we will explain the step by step procedure of doing breast, pelvic, or genital exams.

Swabs, urine, or blood samples for Sexually Transmitted Infections are processed by using local private labs or public health protocols.

All the information about your visit to our Durham sexual health clinic will be treated with confidentiality. We guarantee that your personal details, as well as information about tests and treatments you received, will be kept private and only shared with your permission. This can include your own GP.

A Sexual Health Clinic “Near Me” That You Can Trust

Whether virtual or in-person, our health care providers are here to address your various sexual health concerns. Learn more about our services by contacting us! Or book a doctor’s appointment online to speak with an available physician via video or phone today.

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