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Virtual Doctor Appointments Made More Convenient

Quality healthcare is now at your fingertips. Enjoy consultations through our virtual clinic from the comfort of your own home. Have peace of mind knowing you have access to quality healthcare services through online doctor appointments.

Virtual Healthcare Made Easy

At iCare Virtual, our goal is to create a pleasant and convenient online healthcare experience. We make it easy to connect you with a licensed physician and book a virtual appointment. With a few easy steps, you can receive quality medical services:


Whenever and wherever you are, you can fill out our registration form through the iCare Virtual Connected platform. This lets us know important information for us to have a good idea of what you need and how we can help. We can then connect you to your own familiar urgent care clinic and or physician.

Triage, Tele-medicine, and Visits

Both patient and doctor/nurse practitioner determine if the visit can be done through an online dr appointment or in person.

This can include any of your medical concerns such as, but are not limited to:


Electronic Health Record

Apart from getting quality healthcare at home, virtual physician appointments also make your next visit easier. Having a digital patient profile gives us your accurate, up-to-date record.

This allows us to provide more efficient care for our patients. Moreover, this helps both patients and staff track patients’ needs.

Benefits of Virtual Appointments

  1. Book an online doctor appointment anytime, any day: Virtual healthcare registrations are online 24/7, which means you can book an appointment even after hours.
  2. Faster consultations: no more wasted time travelling and waiting. Online consultations are also usually quicker than in-person visits.
  3. Prevent more health risks: online visits lessen the risk of contracting any kind of infection, protecting both patient and staff
  4. Convenience: get expert medical advice, treatment, and even online doctor prescriptions at the comfort of your own home/office.

Prepare for Your Visit

For a more efficient consultation with an online doctor, you can prepare the following:

  • A list of your medical concerns
  • If applicable, track your symptoms and when they started
  • A fully charged device with a strong signal
  • Earphones with a built-in microphone
  • A quiet location with good lighting

This makes it easier for you and your physician to communicate well for a successful online visit.

Book a Doctor’s Appointment Online

If you have ongoing medical concerns or you are up for a routine visit, feel free to book an appointment with iCare Virtual! We have highly skilled licensed physicians available to provide you the best healthcare services that you need.

Learn more about our various services offered by contacting us, or simply submit your completed form to book a virtual healthcare appointment today!