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Healthcare is always going to be an important facet of our lives. Getting the right care that we need is crucial to maintain our health. However, there can be situations where getting the right care can be challenging. This can be due to time, transportation, or physical constraints.

Fortunately, the rise of virtual clinics in Whitby has made it easier to get the care you need. Through telemedicine, healthcare is now available at your fingertips.

What are Virtual Medical Clinics?

Virtual clinics are online platforms where physicians and patients can meet. These allow for consultations to be done via phone, text, or video conferencing.

Through online means, physicians can provide initial assessments of minor concerns. Appointments are done in set schedules. This avoids any extended wait times at an in-person clinic in Whitby.

Virtual care for patients provides support for a wide range of conditions. Diagnosis is done online, as well as recommended treatment. Prescriptions are also given electronically, without needing to do a physical visit.

Choosing a Whitby Virtual Care Clinic

Virtual clinics provide a lot of conveniences. These are providers that you can go to should you need medical care when your local physician in Whitby is unavailable.

Are you looking for a virtual clinic “near me?” Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a virtual care provider:

  1. Make sure they have the services that you need.
    Not all virtual care providers are created equal. Most provide the basic level of care. However, you need to check their services if you are looking for a specific type of support.
  1. Check their online booking process.
    This gives you a better idea of what you will need before booking an appointment. Virtual walk in clinics in Whitby will need you to create an account. This will require you to input medical information crucial for your virtual visit.
  1. Will they share your records with your GP?
    After your urgent care visit, you may need to do a follow-up consultation with your regular physician. It is important to know if they will forward your records. This lets you continue with your treatment without having to do the consultation over again. 

Benefits of Whitby Virtual Clinics

  1. Immediate Care – virtual clinics let you receive medical care even on the same day, as long as schedules are available.
  2. After Hours Visits – virtual urgent care clinics are available even beyond business hours. This is helpful for patients who need care during the weekends or after work hours.
  3. Convenient Wait Times – because appointments are scheduled, there are no extended wait times.
  4. Quality Health Care – even online, virtual clinics provide excellent medical services in Licensed physicians, even specialists, are available for your healthcare needs.

The Best Virtual Clinic in Whitby

Looking for the right virtual care in Whitby? iCare Virtual is committed to providing the highest level of care for our patients.

Our goal is to create opportunities to access care in a faster, better, and more convenient way. Let our team of healthcare experts take care of your needs! Contact us today or book a virtual appointment online.