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Telemedicine has been around long before the COVID-19 pandemic started. However, as the healthcare system pivoted during the start of the pandemic, we saw a rise in telehealth use.

This has provided plenty of patients access to health care without added risks. And the past year has shown how virtual care in Durham is here to stay. 

What is a Virtual Health Doctor?

Virtual doctors have licensed physicians who conduct consultations online. These consultations are done through a variety of mediums, like voice calls and video conferencing.

Through these mediums, they can provide a diagnosis, treatment, and prescription. All these can be done at your own comfort and convenience. This lets you get the care you need even when you are at home in Durham, ON.

How to See a Virtual Doctor

Because of health and safety protocols, a lot of health care providers have made virtual care available. Local clinics in Durham are now offering online consultations. Talk to your family physicians about doing your routine checkups online.

Durham virtual doctors can provide a wide range of medical services. These can include:

  1. Non-urgent medical concerns
  2. Routine checkups 
  3. Patient monitoring
  4. Chronic medical conditions
  5. Counseling and education
  6. Health screening

Who Can See a Virtual Doctor Online?

The short answer to this question is anyone. Patients who need non-urgent care can opt to see a virtual doctor instead of going in for an in-person visit.

However, virtual doctor appointments benefit some people more than others. For instance, a person living in a rural area often needs to travel far to get medical support. This is especially true if your area does not have a specialist that you need.

The existence of virtual doctors also urges more people to get themselves checked. This is great for people:

  • Who are unable to leave home due to lack of child care
  • Who are unable to get time off of work
  • Have mobility issues
  • Have challenges with transportation in Durham

How do Virtual Doctor Visits Work in Durham

Virtual clinics in Durham are widely available. Once you have booked an appointment, there are a few steps you need to take to make the session successful.

  1. Make sure you free up time for the appointment. Doctor’s visits shouldn’t be a time for multi-tasking. You want to give your physician your full attention. This ensures nothing is left misunderstood.
  2. Choose a private, quiet, and well-lit space. This lets your doctor see and hear you clearly. This is important when your doctor needs to inspect something, like a rash or a mole.
  3. Prepare your medical history, list of medications, and other important information. This helps make the entire visit run more smoothly.
  4. Be open and flexible. Working with technology can have its challenges. Stay calm and be patient to ensure a pleasant experience for both you and your physician.

Best Virtual Doctors in Durham, ON

Searching for the right virtual doctor “near me?” iCare Virtual offers comprehensive family medicine for your various needs. From routine medical care to mental health care and more, our expert physicians are here to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or book an appointment to see a virtual doctor in Durham.