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Health System Recovery 


As our healthcare systems move beyond the pandemic.  ACCESS to medical care both at the primary care level and referral to specialists has become challenging.  This is especially true for patients without a primary care provider or those living in remote/rural communities. The pandemic has highlighted gaps in care for high-needs populations living in heavily populated urban centers, and remote/rural communities amongst others.  

Primary care providers struggle with high volumes of patient visits daily.  In fact, in Ontario, Canada, there are close to 2.2 million (Inspire data) people without a primary care provider.  Team-based care and allied health support are becoming a part of the solution to help with these demands for timely access to care.  Chronic disease counseling and education or preventative care/screening are often difficult to fit into regular follow-up visits for many providers.  Patients are left to search for health education through friends/family, online, or other sources that may not be accurate.

iCare Virtual “Our Solution”

Leveraging Technology to Build:

  • Patient Virtual Classroom” for Patient Education and Lifestyle Modification Strategies 
  • Life Style Medicine based Virtual Care Hubs for Live Chronic Disease Coaching and Early Detection of Mental Health and Addictions


Our team of practitioners  (family doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, and fitness experts) have been practicing in their specialties for a number of years and are familiar with community resources.  We are leveraging technology to help create solutions that are applicable across all clinical settings both in the public sectors and private insurance sectors.

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