No renewals by virtual appointments for controlled medications such as narcotics. Please arrange for an in-person visit with an urgent care clinic in your community.

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About iCare Virtual/In-Person Visits and the VP (Visiting Physician Model)

Need an online doctor in Durham? Quality healthcare is now as convenient as it can be. iCare Virtual Care Clinic offers comprehensive family medicine thru a virtual walk-in clinic. Online doctor consultation is made easier with your personal Electronic Health Record (EHR). This is useful for unattached and high needs patients who may not have regular access to a family physician in Durham.

Who We Serve

iCare Virtual’s online walk-in clinic in Durham customizes care for various patient populations, including:

As one of the leading Durham virtual care clinics, iCare Virtual offers a unique value proposition. We complement our virtual doctor’s appointment with in-person physician visits at local clinics and health centers in Pickering. We also create a customized Visiting Physician with an iCare Virtual Med Cart on-site model for senior homes in Durham and similar settings.

There is an increase in our need to see a doctor online in Durham. However, continuity of care is at the core of our online doctor visits. For this reason, we match a lot of our patients with doctors across the province and even across the country. Patient care is managed by a familiar team of doctors and nurse practitioners. This allows us to ensure we can conduct follow-ups to be thorough.

Collaboration is Key to Patient-Centered Care

iCare Virtual’s goal is to provide equal access to quality health care for all Canadians. Our Durham virtual clinic will be working with all local health partners. This is for us to stay up to date for our daily clinical practices.

Our Virtual Care Service


The new iCare Virtual Connected platform will enable patients to register and connect with their own familiar urgent care clinic and or physician in Durham.

Triage, Tele-medicine,
and Visits

The online doctor appointment can be assessed by phone, video, or in-person. This is decided by both patient and doctor/nurse practitioner. Our virtual doctor in Durham can do a comprehensive consultation at the convenience and privacy of your own home/office. If not, we can arrange an in-person visit to our Pickering clinic.

Your Own Digital
Health Profile

Once registered with iCare Virtual, a digital patient profile will be created for you. This is so the next visit is easier and more efficient for both patients and staff.  The connected care platform will enable even patients without regular family physicians to have access to comprehensive medical care by the same medical team.

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