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Welcome to iCare Virtual, where we revolutionize patient care through advanced virtual care programs tailored for both private and public sectors. Discover how our solutions can enhance accessibility, efficiency, and overall patient outcomes.

Enhancing Care: Virtual Primary Care Teams for Remote Patients

iCare Virtual focuses on chronic disease coaching and preventative care, addressing shortages in primary care offices. Our teams conduct wellness assessments and facilitate smooth handovers to local primary teams.

We offer a customizable virtual program, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the unique needs of each organization. Whether addressing specific healthcare challenges or implementing preventive strategies, our adaptable solutions enhance the effectiveness of virtual care for diverse entities.

Improving Access to Care

Access to medical care, especially for patients without a primary care provider or in remote areas, has become increasingly challenging. iCare Virtual addresses this by offering enhanced virtual care, ensuring timely access to specialists and mental health services through a comprehensive hub.

Our experienced team of practitioners, including family doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, and fitness experts, brings years of expertise and familiarity with community resources. Customized intake forms further guarantee efficient triage to the right specialist, enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of our virtual care services.

Virtual Care

Enhancing Collaboration and Reducing Duplication

iCare Virtual advocates for seamless collaboration through a Collaborative Health Record. Enabling various health and wellness sectors, such as rehab medicine specialists and home care, to document on a shared platform ensures comprehensive patient records. This fosters continuity of care, minimizes administrative redundancies, and, most importantly, prevents critical health events.

iCare Virtual contributes to care team well-being by facilitating comprehensive and timely access to patient records, promoting efficiency and reducing the burden on healthcare professionals.

Sensible Solutions for Cost-Effective Care

Our Enhanced Virtual Care Hubs, rooted in Lifestyle Medicine, present a comprehensive Virtual Primary Care package. It includes preventative health strategies, chronic disease coaching via a Patient Virtual Classroom, monthly live patient townhalls, and Lifestyle Medicine-based approaches.

Anticipated benefits extend beyond financial savings, encompassing reduced sick days and diminished healthcare spending on advanced disease medications and treatments

Virtual Care

Advancing Health Equity

In response to the pressing need for accessible healthcare, especially in remote communities, we strive to bridge gaps in healthcare disparities. Our initiatives aim to ensure equal access to quality care for all individuals, irrespective of geographical location or socio-economic status.

Through tailored programs and virtual care solutions, iCare Virtual endeavors to contribute significantly to reducing health inequities, fostering inclusivity, and promoting a healthcare landscape where every individual has the opportunity to achieve optimal health outcomes.

At iCare Virtual, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare accessibility by addressing the challenges faced by patients and healthcare providers. Grounded in the principles of the Quintuple Aim, we strive to enhance patient experiences, improve population health, reduce costs, boost provider satisfaction, and promote health equity.

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